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We are asked to be participants in the unfolding of our potential...

Unity. All things are related. Everything is part of a single whole, and is connected in some way to everything else.

Change. All of creation is in cycles of constant change. Nothing remains the same. There are two types of change: coming together, and coming apart. Both are necessary.

Cycles of Change. Change is not random or accidental, but is essential to the process of evolution.

The spiritual world is real, as the physical world is real. There are separate laws governing each. A balanced life honors both these dimensions of reality.

We can influence our own evolution, and can acquire new gifts and abilities, but we must make effort to do so.

We are asked to be active participants in the unfolding of our potential. We can make the choice to cooperate with our evolutionary journey, or we can resist necessary changes. Evolution will occur with or without our cooperation, and will be smooth or difficult accordingly.

The path waits for us to decide to take it. Guides and teachers will appear to assist us once we make this decision, and spirit will assist us on our journey.

The forces of adversity will arise to resist our intention to evolve towards union with God. Our determination and faith in our selves and our spiritual protectors must increase in order to overcome adversity.

We live in a dual creation, and evolution occurs within the experience of opposites. The polarity of evolution is involution. Just as there is grace and guidance to assist our evolution, there is darkness and adversity that can cause our involution.

Love is the primary vehicle of evolution, and fear is the primary vehicle of involution. We must take action: when we act from love, we evolve towards unity, when we act from fear, we move away from the creator.

The human soul is created with two primary desires: the desire to experience separation and independence of will, and the desire to reunite with our source. Evolution is the progressive elimination of all separating desires as we move towards the single desire for union with our creator.

Evolutionary Astrology is a way of understanding this journey, and understanding our relationships, with each other, and with all things, as we walk through the sands of time, over the face of our Mother, the Earth.

These words are from the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green and The Sacred Tree (Medicine Wheel)
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