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Some choices kead to evolutionary growth...

My intention in taking the path of evolutionary astrology was and is to be able to help people to understand the choices that they have. Some choices lead to evolutionary growth, and reflect the intentions of the soul. Other choices lead to needless repetition of the past and all too often, more suffering.

An astrological reading from this point of view will focus on what is natural for the individual, what their basic needs are, and how to meet these needs in a way consistent with personal integrity.

As relationships are the primary vehicle for self-knowledge counseling is also available for the specific purpose of understanding our relationships and the challenges that they bring to our awareness.

Evolutionary astrology recognizes that our self-unfolding and liberation as human beings occurs through the emotional body.

This natural truth is in contradiction to so much patriarchal teaching at both the religious and spiritual levels that have conditioned our minds to believe that somehow our sexual and emotional reality is incompatible with spirit, and must be either 'transcended' or suppressed.

One of the core intentions that I have as an Astrologer is to help people to heal from the effects of such belief systems.

It is also unfortunate that so many so-called spiritual paths encourage a negative attitude to our subjective emotional consciousness or ego.

Only a healthy ego can know its limitations and accept with gratitude its natural relationship with the creation and the creator.

Most of us want healing and kindness at this level.
Being told that our very real emotions and needs are "just ego" and must be got rid of in order to "know God" or become "enlightened" only does more injury, and is not the natural path to either freedom or happiness.

Evolutionary astrology is grounded in our human reality as feeling beings who long for love. This is in harmony with the collective need of Mother Earth, as well as the individual need to return to a harmony with nature, both within ourselves and our relationship with all things.

I can be reached via:
Mark Batterbury
2836 Sooke River Road
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Phone: 250-642-2441

Astrological Chart Readings

Single Chart reading:
$100 (US or Canadian)

Relationship counseling, using two charts plus the relationship or composite chart:
$140 (US or Canadian)

Readings can be done either by email or by phone.
First contact me by email, and we can then arrange a time when you can phone me @ 250-642-2441.