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"The Broken Heart of God" by Mark Batterbury

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Mark and his dog Tuka

"Mark was the first student to complete my school of evolutionary astrology. Mark's abilities as an evolutionary astrologer are simply excellent. Beyond this, he has great natural wisdom which has occurred through the nature of his life experience.

"Mark is very, very intuitive, and very intelligent as a result. He has been through a tremendous amount of life experience, much of which have been very tough life experiences which have created a well house of knowledge about the nature of human consciousness and what motivates it.

"He has studied extensively many forms of philosophies, East and West, and has actual inner experiences / knowledge based on his own meditations and path of visions relative to his natural American Indian ways. At once his is compassionate, loving, and knows how to help individuals in their own desire for self-knowledge and realizations of their own essence. He has a total ability and capacity to teach the spirit of Evolutionary Astrology."

- Jeffrey Wolf Green

I began studying astrology in 1973 while living in India.

In 1984, after returning to Canada, I learned of the discovery of a new asteroid, Chiron, and by including Chiron in the birth chart, was able to correlate transits of this new asteroid with a series of significant healing experiences that had occurred during my many years of spiritual pilgrimage.

Although I began practicing astrology professionally in 1988, I still felt unable to answer some core questions:
"Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? How can I be free from old patterns that keep repeating?"

In 1994, when I met my teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green, I learned the methods of answering these key questions using Evolutionary Astrology.

From Elena, in Croatia:

Dear Marc... yesterday after I wrote you a mail, in my meditation, I saw you smiling. You were transparent so I could see big mountains behind you, with blue sky, eagles, sunshine...tears came down out on my face...it was
without words, in silence, just presence. Your energy was very young, childlike, very sensitive, gentle and beautifull, one with the sky, mountains...

Then a question came: where is Jeffery? and then I saw him, also smiling without words, with reassurance, looking very wise, strong and soft in the same time, like an indian chief, his energy was earthy and ancient... and somehow we were all one, all connected in spirit, all in respect for each other. Then I whispered: "I want to be like this all the time" and the tears came down again.

And then, I saw my mum, my dad, my sister... my present family, with all our problems to solve. I realized that I am exactly where I need to be, that we chose each other for these journey, to help each other grow. And that I am on my way home to all of you... other myself. And that I can always, when I'm lonely close my eyes and... Thank you for your reply, it is good to know that the release time is now...

I wish you all the best,
hug and respect