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"The Broken Heart of God" by Mark Batterbury

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I began studying astrology in 1973 while living in India. In 1984, after returning to Canada, I learned of the discovery of a new asteroid, Chiron, and by including Chiron in the birth chart, was able to correlate transits of this new asteroid with a series of significant healing experiences that had occurred during my many years of spiritual pilgrimage.

Although I began practicing astrology professionally in 1988, I still felt unable to answer some core questions: "Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? How can I be free from old patterns that keep repeating?"

In 1994, when I met my teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green, I learned the methods of answering these key questions using Evolutionary Astrology.

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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

The complexity of human life is reflected in the complexity of a birth chart.

Each archetype is present in three different ways: the house, the sign, and its planetary ruler, and the planets themselves are connected via aspects.

The magic is to bring it alive to reflect the reality of each person in a way that they can recognize it for themselves.

This process reflects the totality of my own experience as well as whatever abilities I may have as an evolutionary astrologer and teacher.

My wish is to make a difference in the evolutionary journeys of those people I contact, either as clients or students.

Astrology can help free us from our conditioning, help us become aware of what has been unconscious, and help us to live according to the reality of our soul.

Emotional healing and freedom from conditioning are the very heart of our spiritual journeys.

When we live in harmony with what is natural, we enter into relationship with the creator, and meaning and beauty is returned to our lives

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