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The human soul is an emotional consciousness.

The human soul incarnates and evolves through many lifetimes.

The birth-chart shows the way that this evolution may be achieved.

The birth chart shows what has come before: the gifts, traumas and challenges that the soul brings into the present life.

We evolve and may be liberated through our emotions.

The houses represent twelve gates of experience, or twelve evolutionary lessons that we are here to learn.

The signs correlate to twelve capacities within consciousness: twelve archetypes that condition consciousness in the human form.

The planets in the birth chart correlate to specific functions within the human psyche: how the twelve archetypes are given unique and individual expression.

Pluto correlates to the human soul. The natal position of Pluto, together with the South Node of the Moon, and its planetary ruler, correlate to our past. The polarity point of Pluto, together with the North Node of the moon, and its planetary ruler, correlate with our evolutionary future.

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