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The Broken Heart of God

"The Broken Heart of God" is the true account of my search for inner peace. For most of my life i was dedicated to a quest for personal freedom and understanding. It was a spiritual search in that i had no interest in organised religions, and was looking for direct experience of.....God? Self? Enlightenment?

It was my nature to seek living teachers, and to learn in the oral traditions, both East and West. I am not an academic, and in the realms of experience called spirituality, the academic mind can be a real problem, as it tends to study symbols and language instead of discovering reality.

I was not interested in beliefs, as nothing less than real experience could satisfy the longing in my soul. I met and practiced with many different teachers, and walked the paths of yoga and meditation as far as i could go. I can no longer agree with much of what i heard, and in the light of the unfolding self-nature, much high-sounding teaching turned out to be neither true nor helpful. In the end i was reduced to a pile of ashes, and with a sick and weakened voice had to call on the creator directly for help.

It was a cry of pain, of disillusionment, of helplessness.....perhaps it was a real prayer, and the creator heard and responded.

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